Rasta “Infuse” for i57

Rasta “Infuse” for i57

Feb 29 blanks  

i57 is means to be the “big” return for Rasta Gaming. We have been busy picking teams up to unleash on UK events and regain the army of Rastas at LAN we once had. The aim has been to get as many teams as possible to attend, but with projected numbers dwindling, we thought we would lend a hand to “boost” the numbers a bit.

Neil_M announced last week that the full Infused lineup wasn’t able to attend iSeries so he would be putting together one of his legendary super-mix teams. With Neil_M, and most of his lineup, being some of the few people in the UK who hasn’t served his mandatory stint in Rasta Gaming, we decided to slide in and get this mix under Rasta.

We will be welcoming back the deagle beast of 30P LAN, and long time Rasta.Xd player, Josh “mole” Rowley…take a look at him in action at that historic event:

We couldn’t do this without paying homage to the Organisation that most of these players play for, Team Infused, which is why for the event they will be playing under the name Rasta.Infused.

Rasta.Infused is


We look forward to welcoming these guys to their short stay in Rasta at i57.

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