Rasta gets CRISPy – CRISPsrv sponsor Rasta

Rasta gets CRISPy – CRISPsrv sponsor Rasta

Mar 11 blanks  

If any of you tried to access one of our Rasta CSGO servers over the last few days, you may have noticed they were down. That is because I have been, very slowly, moving all servers over to a new location. The reason for this move is we have secured a very generous sponsor who has provided us with some top of the range boxes to host our game servers from.

The reason we have always shied away from a game server sponsor is they tend to be very reluctant to give out whole boxes, and would rather work us into their setup. This doesn’t work well for us due to our size fluctuating dramatically. I also don’t like the idea of not having complete control over the boxes to make sure things stay running as smooth as possible.

All that is now behind us though, as the lovely people over at CRISPsrv have given us exactly what we need to operate and grow. The blistering spec of the servers provided, as well as tweaked kernel, means we get to tap every bit of possible power out the servers for ultimate performance.

This will also give us a few spare servers for our gather system, which is currently in development, allowing us to run multiple gathers at once.

The new servers are ready to go so if you want your new IP and I don’t track you down first, drop me a message and I can hook you up.


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