Oh look! A CSGO team.

Oh look! A CSGO team.

Nov 06 blanks  

Despite being a distant memory in the UKCS scene, Rasta as a community has never and will never die, mostly due to the remaining number of us growing up into stubborn people. So when a two faces that have also shared some of our history approached us to bring Rasta back into the CSGO scene it was fairly easy to say yes to.


There was just one issue with this offer…The person asking it. This individual has a somewhat checkered history of doing great things…then getting busted for using various cheats and hacks. Then, after reevaluating his goals and deciding to be come a legitimate player, turned to substances to improve his skill and got himself banned from a key UK event…what a guy. This sent him into hiding, and we thought we’d seen the last of him. But this is 2020. This is the year that has tried to stomp down any hope we have in humanity…so of course he’s chosen this year to make his return. A year that’s been so bad he hoped people would forgive and forget. But how could we forget such a comical past. Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY’ Weber is back for his redemption story. Fresh into fatherhood, Charlie has turned his personal life around, hopefully stopped trying to be “the next big thing in grime”, and has his very own child which got him back on track to be an average homosapien. Securing the title of “an alright dad”, he’s now back to legitimately achieve the title of “an alright CSGO player”, so he’s enlisted the help of another old-timer and UKCS legend, Luke ‘fearLess’ Morris.


Luke’s CS history is longer than Charlie’s but is in no way as colourful. He won a few things, nearly won a few more things. Was a monster with the AWP etc. Great player, nothing really to poke fun at, apart from maybe the collection of Disney Land videos he started to make when he “quit gaming”…Glad we dragged you back big man!


Completing the roster we have another CS vet, Martin ‘cauzioN’ Kromkamp, looking to prove to his girlfriend, Petra “Petra” Stoker of Team Originem, that he can pop heads too. Then wrapping things up, two fairly new faces to completive CSGO, Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett and Robert ‘Static_inner_flow’ Walsh who are keen and eager to learn from the wealth of knowledge the rest of the team have.


TLDR; For those who don’t find me funny and just want to know the roster:

Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY’ Weber
Luke ‘fearLess’ Morris
Martin ‘cauzioN’ Kromkamp
Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett
Robert ‘Static_inner_flow’ Walsh

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