RastaXd tag returns, despite saying it wouldn’t…

RastaXd tag returns, despite saying it wouldn’t…

Feb 12 blanks  

OK! Yes, I know…I said I the RastaXd take was retired and wouldn’t be coming back, but I really am powerless when awesome players throw themselves at me screaming “Oh Blanks, please give us a home”. The best part about them is they share the Rasta ethos, and understand the power of a community.

RastaXd used to be the flagship team of Rasta, taking part in tournaments all over Europe, lead by Jake “jakem” McCausland. It will be emotional to see the tag continue without jakem at the helm, but I feel this lineup will do the tag justice. They will be looking to continue on the course jakem started back in 2010.

Looking to put their mark on tournaments across Europe, I have every faith in this new roster doing the tag justice and living up to the standards set many moons ago…

The new RastaXd is:

Thomas ‘Req‘ Llewelyn-Evans
Mark ‘maarc‘ Hammond
Andrew ‘andrewisgod‘ Thursfield
Mark ‘Tweedz‘ Miller
Russel ‘Russ‘ Hammond

Arveer ‘Arv‘ Buray and Adam “AliGRobinson-Witts also back the team up as reserves, both more than skilled enough to roll with the big boys, just lack the free time needed to compete as regularly as this lineup is looking to do.

We’re most please to be representing Rasta Gaming as the Xd team. The team consists of some old school players and We’re aware that we have some big shoes to fill, however, we believe we have the talent, and hopefully the drive to get some decent results both online and off (lol).  And thanks to Blanks and the Rasta staff for this vote of confidence, and we hope that the news that Xd has a new lineup won’t send jakem into a meltdown.
Thomas ‘Req‘ Llewelyn-Evans

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