New team: Rasta403 join the party

New team: Rasta403 join the party

Jan 14 blanks  

Another day, another team joins our ranks with another blast from the past heading it up.Everyone join us in welcoming Rasta403 to the party! Lead by old school Rasta member Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller, who first joined Rasta Gaming back in 2011 as part of Rasta.SmileyFace Counter Strike:Source team. Despite not being in Rasta for a while, he has always been sitting on the sidelines itching to find a reason to get involved again. With the formation of this team, he finally has that reason and is setting his sights high.

Rasta403 is:

Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller
Shakiel “SHAKKKKKKKKKK#.” Rafiq
Shane “SH4NEEE” Rafiq
Charlie “remixx” Dyer
Ali “Ally” Issa

Not only do they have a solid lineup who have been doing a huge amount of damage in the GameFace cups (15 awards – 12 gold, 3 silver), they also have a very talented movie maker in their ranks. Charlie “remixx” Dyer first started uploading to Youtube 5 years ago during the CSS days. He has recently rediscovered his movie making passion, and has turned his sights to CSGO. We have every intention of exploiting this skill as much as we can to help grow his following, while also filling up our much-neglected Youtube channel. Here is a clip remixx made of Ryfoolz.

Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller had this to say about joining Rasta once again:

First of all I’d like to say it feels great to be back in Rasta after a 5 year absence! We decided to come back because Rasta is the best community in the UK (no bias i promise) and we can’t wait to go to LAN and finally shake the “onliner” tag we seem to love soo much!

You will usually find us playing GameFace cups and Faceit tournaments and any upcoming UK qualifiers for online and offline events. We’ve had the same team for the last 3 years on and off but with the recent addition of ‘Ally’ we feel we can push and try to become one of the best teams within the UK scene and will strive to achieve this with lots of dedication and hard work!

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