Let’s get things rolling with a new team

Let’s get things rolling with a new team

Mar 14 blanks  

epicLAN has been and gone and as the dust settles on what was a tough event for our team. They met their seed, but shortly after LAN they started to lose players to the post-lan-shuffle. This eventually lead to their alleged death. I say “alleged death”, because it hasn’t been confirmed by the team, despite trying to find out what was happening on several occasions. Who knows! But wherever they are, whatever theye’re doing, we wish them the best of luck!

This left us with a team-shaped hole inside Rasta which needed filling.

Luckily for us, an old friend and his team were looking for a new home after things didn’t quite go to plan with their previous organisation.

Our new team consists of:

Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram – @_EMPERORcs
Michael “GhosTy” Armstrong – @_GhosTyy
Karl “KoRaL-” Philip – @__KoRaL
Calvin “faix” Palmer – @_faiiix
Shaun “SDK” Kennedy – @SDKCSGO

When you leave two organisations in as many months it makes you wonder where you are going wrong and we have kept it as professional as we can with keeping away from social media and such.

After departing from XENEX I sat down and thought what was next for us. I had spoken to Blanks at epic.20 about the UK scene and having known him for many years it felt it was always an avenue we could down. Ultimately there are very few organisations that stretch back as far as Rasta that have continued to back UK teams when no others would and for little return. The offered support from Rasta and Blanks was hard for us to turn away from even with offers on the table from other organisations.

We will now look to stabilise and push forward with a line-up that at last is rid of RL problems and activity issues that have held us back for the opening months of 2017. Although the changes have been a struggle we feel rejuvenated to get back to grinding.

Thanks again to Blanks, Rasta and all though affiliated with Rasta. We shall do our best to reward the chance given” – Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram

They are currently competing in ESEA and have secured a spot in ESEA Main for next season. They will also be looking to compete in qualifiers for ESL UK Premiership, UKGT Season 2 and the next UK Masters when they start up again.

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