Rasta Gaming was born in January 2007. Founders Arky and Damage put it together after a fortunate twist of fate which made it viable for Damage to get back into CSS and Arky to further his CSS gaming.

Originally going to be called The Rasta Initiative [TRI], Rasta Gaming had several developments with some of Arky’s RL friends joining being Solda, Ian and Pacman but due to either lag, or PC issues none of them three have really had the opportunity to play full time and so we expanded the team which brings us to where we are today.

Rasta Gaming is now a fully operational sponsored CS:S Team. We are currently sponsored by Power-Frag.co.uk and are looking for further sponsorship from the likes of Razer Gaming and Commodore Gaming. We now consists of at least 15 Rastas and several honorary Rastas from old players to new and have just entered into EnemyDown.co.uk to finally put our stamp on the CS:S world. Be prepared ladies and gentlemen because the Rasta machine is coming and unless your holding appeasing Blunts i suggest you move over.

Much Love

Damage and Far-Eye (Arky)

A big Thanks goes here to our friends who have enabled us to progress so far so quickly. Element Gaming, www.elementgaming.co.uk #e.gaming, have been a pillar to lean on especially Rastaman (<3 you too Foxeh). 4Kings Ritch with the extra help and the backup PC when one of ours went at i30 *passes blunt* when your done im putting you in my pocket and keeping you. Last but not least Revol, #revolclan, as our friendliest clan, thanks for the games guys I’m loving the sex and our sponsors Power-Frag.co.uk, #power-frag (brilliant servers), who gave us somewhere for our debauchery. Team-Carrick, our online mates and LAN drinking comrades Love you all!

Just to update the About Us page as some time has passed now and various things have changed. We are no longer sponsored by Power-Frag as they were bought out. Currently our dedicated servers are hosted on the INX Network who have been extremely helpful with server info and management with the integration. Our LAN sponsor is from Baggies who really looked after us at i32 and we look forward to seeing them all again at i33. There are now 3 Rasta Gaming teams in CSS and 1 in Guild Wars (Inactive atm) which are Rasta| Rasta|| and Rasta. for CSS and rG for GW. We now have 25+ members and even though some laugh that we may have large numbers and therefore cannot be taken seriously…. well LOL at that haha come challenge our Rasta. team and we will see whos not serious. Rasta Gaming compete in TheSGL, EnemyDown, iSeries, Recoil Cup and any other event that comes our way with invites to GBGL and CCSSL keep your eyes open.

Updates on the Thank Yous: All the teams we have met and played! You guys are the reason the game is so good. LANs have been an experience haha. To the Rasta Gaming players. Keep it up. You make us proud every day

Various opportunities to further Rasta Gaming as a whole have been taken leading to what we have today. Rasta Gaming now has 4 competitive CSS teams of which 3 are in EnemyDown and 1 is still waiting for their Players to get out of their respective Packard Bell teams so they are free to play. We do have a CoD4 team but they are pretty inactive with how busy it has been on the CSS front. I will give you a rundown of the teams thus far:

Rasta|| – The Original

Jinx – Boss
BlackTear – Boss
Blanks – Boss

These guys are the founding members of Rasta Gaming and have been with it since time began. Currently 44th in EnemyDowns Open Ladder they are basically the grunt behind the machine.

Rasta| – The Newbreed

Quid – Boss
Symo – Boss

Welcome our newer, younger, leaner killing machine. These guys are pretty much the youth of Rasta Gaming that need their teeth cut and a bit of guidance so they have the eldest and wisest of Rasta to guide them in Quid.

Rasta. – The Sword

Porky – Boss
.pRs – Deputy

What can i say. These guys are intense and passionate about their game. Certainly the most ferocious amongst the Rastas and a side i certainly would never want to play.

Finally |Rasta| – The Learning Curve

Damage – Boss
Arky – Boss

Holy Cack! A very unique dynamic with some awesome flare. With some time and some focus this team can certainly go a long way. Jumping straight in at 10th in ED Entry (Yes I know it’s not the most amazing feat) they look to have a steady lineup. UPDATE: They took silver in Entry holding first for the 24 hours before promotion.

Rasta Gaming have quite a few more members not listed here that are all a massive part of Rasta and what it brings to CSS and the teams as a whole.

Rasta goes 360! The latest development is the stretch not only into multi-gaming but multiplatform w00t. We have recently acquired a new CoD4 PC team which are currently putting things together as we speak but the main news is the new Xbox360 team we have acquired. Marvin from Rasta| has grouped up some of the lads he knows and formed rG.360 resulting in a very very sick CoD4 360 team. Playing their first game today (17/3/08) and winning hands down without breaking a sweat things look promising for the future. Welcome to all the new lads and Good Luck to all teams with LAN in the next 4 days. Keep tearing it up.

On a lighter note Rasta. have been accepted into the OSPL (http://www.theospl.com) and look set to tear some heads! Played boys!