CrispSRV shut down, and that makes us a sad panda

CrispSRV shut down, and that makes us a sad panda

Aug 01 blanks  

Our beloved game server sponsor, CrispSRV, closed its doors yesterday. They broke the news on their Twitter with a link to a TwitLonger which read:

Immediate Closure of CRISPsrv

To all clients and members of the public,

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances it is with deep regret that CRISPsrv Limited will cease trading with immediate effect.

All clients who will be due a refund please get in touch via email and these will be dealt with accordingly.

If you are a dedicated server client you can rent directly from the DC via and I can assist you with any queries you may have regarding this.

This isn’t something which could be avoided unfortunately – a mixture of both personal life problems and a rocky set of finances for the business.

I’m happy to answer any questions via email and I’m extremely upset that this has had to happen.

Kind regards

Luke Derbyshire
Managing Director
CRISPsrv Limited

However this morning that Tweet had been deleted, and replaced with one promoting the rebuilding of CrispSRV. Sadly it won’t be head up by Luke anymore. After having no contact from the new people behind the steering wheel about what was going on I decided it was probably best to cut our losses, move on.

This means that for the first time in forever we are serverless, EEEEK! Fear not though, I am already talking to several replacements and because we are awesome people, these talks are going very well, so you can expect good news and new servers in the next couple of days. If, for some reason, these talks take too long I will look into setting up our own box again so you guys can get back to practising.

Luke has been a long standing friend, and member of Rasta over the years, so I’m sure you will all join me in hoping he gets through his personal issues in one piece.

Deeply sorry for any teams that find themselves without a server at the moment, but I lost a lot of stuff too in this mess so keep your complaints to yourself please, thanks  😉

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