Rasta move into H1Z1 King of the Kill

Here at Rasta Gaming, we have always opened our door to old players when the venture into new teams, and even new games. That is why we are pleased to announce the return of Liam ‘Quartz‘ Price who quit CSGO after […]

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Яasta change three

Яasta, our Portuguese powerhouse, has decided the best course of action with moving forward and dominating the Portuguese scene is to replace three of their players. It is always sad to see people leave teams, but it can be an […]

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i57: Both teams seeded!

Mar 25  blanks  

i57 is underway and both our teams are seeded. Rasta.Infused have nabbed themselves a 3rd place seed, behind online qualifier winners Team Refuse, and long-standing friends, FM eSports. RastaKO have also snuck into the lower end of the seeding table […]

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