RastaKO join the fight!

RastaKO join the fight!

Feb 10 blanks  

RastaKO are here and looking to deliver a knockout blow! Joining the 2016 Rasta movement we have the very talented Gareth “gsr” Sissons-Rowe and his band of merry men. Gareth is the artistic talent behind the Rasta Gaming re-brand, creating the new logo for us in time for our relaunch at the end of 2015.

Much like the rest of our teams, they missed the boat for epic.SEVENTEEN, as it sold out in record breaking time, but they are planning to attend i57 next month.

RastaKO are:

Gareth “gsr” Sissons-Rowe
James “jdink” domehead
Shane “5habo“Borlase
Jim “jimmak” Denchmen
Chris “xtr” Willsuckcox

As someone who has been around the UK CS community now for a few years, it gives me pleasure in announcing I will be leading a team under the Rasta gaming brand. Rasta has always been a community driven organisation that has paved the way for some of the UK’s best and it’s time to see the rise of new blood in the scene. Patience is key to succeed in any team, especially an un-established team, the goal is to get this team in a comfortable position to take a top16 placement at this year’s upcoming i-series events and participate in local online cups to build on the confidence is there to go further. I would like to thank Adam for his continued support in helping the growth of a tarnished competitive scene and given me the opportunity to add to Rasta gaming’s extensive history.
-Gareth “gsr” Sissons-Rowe

I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming them to their new home.

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