Яasta change three

Яasta change three

Apr 22 blanks  

Яasta, our Portuguese powerhouse, has decided the best course of action with moving forward and dominating the Portuguese scene is to replace three of their players. It is always sad to see people leave teams, but it can be an unavoidable part of moving a team forward.

The players who leave us today are:

Miguel “Pickz” Romão
Gonçalo “White” Gonçalves
David “Kronix” Caldeira

We wish these three players the best of luck in the future, wherever they land.
Now onto our three new members, who join us from the Portuguese org FTW esports. They have joined our two remaining members of Яasta, Andre “paradyze” Horta and Tiago “Mathisen” Gerne-Mathisen, and will be practising hard for an upcoming tournament which we will be announcing soon.

The new Яasta line-up is:

Andre “paradyze” Horta
Tiago “Mathisen” Gerne-Mathisen
Rui “tcheka” Pais
Carlos “xAims” Marques
Gustavo “neeve” Aroso

We wish them the best of luck moving forward after these changes.

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